For over a decade, Tim Cantor has been searching the world

for the perfect setting and structure to house a second gallery

of his paintings and writings.  This past winter, through Christmas

and spring, a 17th century building in the core of Amsterdam has found

his heart.  Now open daily, The Tim Cantor Gallery of Amsterdam holds

with it an incredible collection; even a few recently completed unseen

works, including This Haunted Heart, which floats inside a two-hundred

year old frame and depicts the spirit and desire that brought his

new gallery to the streets of Amsterdam.


Tim and Amy Cantor will return to Amsterdam on

August 17th to celebrate the official opening,

and you are invited.



Nieuwe Hoogstraat 6H

1011 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands

17:00 - 21:00, August 17.




This Haunted Heart

oil on panel, bound with Florentine carved early 19th century frame

8.25 x 6.25in. / ±20.9 x 15.2cm.

15.5 x 14in. / 39.4 x 35.6cm. w/frame


There are dreams that do not die.  There are needs that cloud my ease

Such dreams that keep me pressed, lest they fade upon this quest

But they don't, they gain, they tremble in my chest

They claim me, they name me

These dreams are rightly needs

And they'll never let me rest


There are things that call to be

That might cease to leave my breath

But if they fail to do

They'll haunt me and they'll chase me and they'll hound my heart til death

And they'll never let me rest


This rush that bleeds in me, finds its present day divide

One wish, one greed ― one seed that keeps my rush alive

Like water, like air, I need this to survive

Relics, canals, mice and bells and snow within the tide

Like water

It's here

A dream that has arrived