oil on panel,  9in. x 7in.  ±22.8cm. x 17.8cm.













I have my gold dreams, like them and like you

And like most, I too, will likely not see my dreams all through

This for our fathers, our mothers, our friends and lost loves

Their cord it falls short, waving our wishings more distant, above

Life is our gift, love is our wealth, passion is pain spent in fine health

For in it deems cause, deems fame, deems the end to our aim

A monster of beauty and fortune that smolders our flame

A choice, an answer, locked closed, inside a bud

My dreams, my desires, or the ties that I love?

Selfish for not knowing, they'd state true if they would

To be loved, to have love, is a treasure, thereof

Why can't this meaning, this purpose, that haunts me through

Be at peace with my time and what it allows me to do?

But I'm not.  I'm mad.  I'm tangled midway

I'm in love with my family and my friends and the way we all play


 Yet I'm maddened by time


And what time takes away