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Tim Cantor - The Four Seasons - concept 9

The Four Seasons concept IX

oil and graphite on board.,

12in. x 16in.  ±30.5cm. x 40.6cm

This oil concept for 'The Four Seasons' is predominantly a study of hands.  Movement and emotion is incredibly important in this painting, and those essentials to Tim Cantor live very significantly within how he envisions them.  

The Thankful Gray

sangine drawing on illustration board.,

17in. x17in.  ±43.2cm. x 43.2cm.

"The Thankful Gray" is its own finalized work of art.  The sanguine reddish cast gives this depiction a classical semblance.  It's a powerful work of art with an emotional soul.

Tim Cantor - The Thankful Gray
Tim Cantor - Trust - concept-1

Trust  concept I

oil, graphite and charcoal on dyed paper, 

6.5in. x 11in.  ±16.5cm. x 27.9cm.

The Storyteller  concept I

charcoal, watercolor, sanguine & ink on rag paper.,

11in. x 7.5in.  ±27.9cm. x 19cm.

Tim Cantor - Storyteller-concept-1
Tim Cantor - Tie's Fortune-concept-1

Tie's Fortune  concept I

graphite, watercolor, sanguine, ink & charcoal on dyed paper.,

9in. x 12in.  ±22.9cm. x 30.5cm.

"These tears from me are days from time; Precious, Priceless, Maddening, Mine."  Taken from his poem for this painting, Tim Cantor's has rendered these words into his refined drawing.

l'Autre Moitié (The Other Half)

 concept III

charcoal on paper.,  9.5in. x 12.25in.  ±24.1cm. x 38.1cm.

Tim Cantor - L'Autre Moitie-concept-3
Tim Cantor - Everyman's Struggle-concept-3

Every Man's Struggle  concept III

charcoal on paper.,  12.3in. x 9.5in.  ±31.2cm. x 24.1cm.

Inspired by a line from Thomas Hobbes that essentially reads "Every man against every man" was written as political statement towards the nature of man without rules, which inevitably leads to war.  Tim Cantor rendered his perception as an internal war.  "Every man" was veritably one man - perhaps himself?

En Pointe  concept VII


graphite, watercolor, ink, oil, gouache on dyed paper.,

12.25in. x 8.5in.  ±31.1cm. x 21.6cm.

Held dearly to the artist, this exquisite work was created before another painting titled Come Ruin or Rapture.  The alligators went into that painting, while Tim Cantor eventually modified his design for En Pointe with leopards.  En Pointe was inspired by the life of a dear friend named Margarita, who lived a full life and left powerful words to the artist.  Not to mention, Tim Cantor's wife Amy posed for this painting.

Tim Cantor - En Pointe-concept-7
Tim Cantor - The Calm Before-concept-2

The Calm Before  concept II

graphite, sanguine pencil & charcoal on dyed paper.,

9in. x 11.25in.  ±22.9cm. x 28.6cm.

Hand study for the painting that describes the relaxed or tired nature of the subject.


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