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...this is my choice, my venture, a quiet life let go

  To grow in the snow, to live in my sin, rabid within

         And to never ask death

                        of what might have been

Hollandiaeque Title-7.png

The Largest New Collection of Paintings and Writings that Tim Cantor has ever created for one exhibition!  Coming Soon to Amsterdam.

Opening Night - 13.April.2024



Like me she’s a leaf, a leaf

  in a crowd, lost in proud voices 
   Crushed by the weight

      of humans and choices...

Tim Cantor - A Feather in Fate - graphic

A collection of paintings & writings revealed in 2021, as well as a retrospective collection of work to celebrate twenty-one years of the Tim Cantor Gallery.  



Which one is stronger?  

                                Whose heart is fonder?
       They asked of he and she,

            as if one was less to be...

Tim Cantor - Yesteryear - graphic

Time presses on reluctantly, but its scratched days are not buried - not without purpose. Yesteryear is the culmination of 50 years of a perpetually maturing passion. 


Roughened are the waters that seek my               cherished skies
   Each sky, each tide, each plea

                         to be alive...

Tim Cantor - Affinité - graphic

There are messages in these paintings. Hidden.  To his inspiration.  To his wife. To his aim.  Affinité is a body of work that fondly embraces the fever of question. 

Exposition San Diego 2017

Exposition San Diego 2017


Some dwell upon the past,

                 and the path they did not take
     The person they’ve become 

                             is different from their dream
A rag doll, a strange doll, something unforeseen...


Tim Cantor - Pièces Uniques - graphic

An artistic departure for Tim Cantor in many ways. Built upon spontaneous thought, he created an entire collection of oil paintings on heavy watercolor papers. This striking contrast stirs compelling imagery together with evocative themes leaving the ultimate resolution up to the beholder.  


...the longer we pretend, the more we forget
     And in the end 
        My fear you knew will cease to exist

Tim Cantor - Pretenders - graphic

A collection of unique paintings from Tim Cantor, revealed in 2004. 


...I see the blood you bleed for then,

                        for that chapter in your age
               A past, a weakness, a cage 
     Damned lonely, damned sullen, and mighty

Tim Cantor - Nostalgia - graphic

A collection of unique paintings from Tim Cantor, many being the largest scale works he has ever created.  Each painting, a contradiction.  Each one, a memory told.


...An extraordinary collaboration

            of music and art

       from Imagine Dragons and Tim Cantor

Tim Cantor - Imagine Dragons - graphic

Tim Cantor created a collection of paintings and designs for the visual presence of Billboard's #1 Album, Smoke+Mirrors.  As part of their world tour, Tim Cantor traveled with Imagine Dragons presenting a vast exposition of these works.


...My nights; a glass, filled with all the things

              I love, and all the things I fear

         Sweet favours, sweet fiends,

                              They are all the same to me

Tim Cantor - Sweet Favour & Fiend - graphic

Exhibition at New York's AFA Gallery in Soho, consisting of a wide range of Tim Cantor's works throughout the years, including a selection of new and unseen paintings at the time, original concepts, and newly created editions which were revealed exclusively for this exhibition.


...Each page is precious years—Each letter,

         etched, forever through and through.

Tim Cantor - Book 2 - graphic

Tim Cantor published his 2nd book in 2012.  333 pages of his life's work.  In celebration of this feat, his presented a collection a paintings that were profoundly important to him, at that time in his life.

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