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Ballad & Shield

Tim Cantor, 2019

Followed by flowers

You've come into this world as a girl in meadows

Loved from your birth, and loved by my soul

There's both favor and praise in your day by day role

You live in a dream, feathered within

Red dress, black dress, woven with stars

And then it is said

That life can get hard


Showered by sun, the thieves can break in

The vagrants betray in their greed coated skin

And yet, mercy belongs only to them

Mothers of love are lost to the winds

It feels like the loss of a warm loving limb

Homesteads may flood, the roofs can fall in

The gale of the rain may cut at your skin

The years take their toll, as they do for us all

But you my sweet doll, stay strong through it all

Undaunted, unyielded, and refusing the squall

And then it is said

That your tears still fall


Like all of God's creatures that wander the ground

A heart is a heart, and each one is round

Fever and fear, always earthbound, always on aim to bring each of us down

But you my true love, though cottened and shawled, are the strongest, the brightest, the bravest I've known

You spin through your wounds, you fight for our home

You favor my wish as an absolute stone

I am yours my sweet dream, to thoroughly own

I am yours I am yours and I'll die to you true 

And then it is said

That I'll fight for you too

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