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We get just so many years to seek our meaning and to etch our place in time, to hope we die proud, to hope we are loved and hope we have done things in our short time that mark a worthy purpose - all for the hope that we live on, long after our earthly voyage has come to a close.  Life after life is that great hope.


Tim Cantor’s new exhibition, HOLLANDIÆQUE, plays out within the vibrant spell of Amsterdam, where he has translocated his life for the sole purpose of creating paintings in the midst of a city where he could feel the weight of art's significance - in a place where the possibility of achieving an unending presence through his craft lay tantalizingly close.  His new works, as well as his writings, unfold with emphatic ambition, and the great hope that his paintings will transcend his lifetime.


The emotional landscape of HOLLANDIÆQUE mirrors the duality of his own story as a completely self-taught artist.  His unique path can be attributed to his ever-expanding surroundings.  While his youth was confined to limited geography, his later years unfolded with falling in love with his wife Amy and extensively traveling the world together.  It was during this broad exploration that he cultivated a deep admiration for Dutch and Flemish art, embarking on a personal study that brought his own emotions into his masterful and touching paintings.


Tim Cantor’s HOLLANDIÆQUE exhibition is more than a painter’s ideals; it is a testament to an artist’s brave and impassioned decision to anchor himself in the grandeur of heritage.  Wedded with his exquisite imagery is the manifestation of a dream fully followed, and a love deeply felt.  His is a story that goes beyond the visuals of his art; it is a declaration of Tim Cantor's indomitable spirit, immersed in the timeless allure of Amsterdam - a city that haunts of history, and exhales the tangible treasures of an eager and fiery heart.

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