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Available Works . Original Paintings, Oil

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Tim Cantor - Nefertiti



c.2019 oil on panel

(Bound with 18th century Louis XIV carved frame, with/artist hand-painted motif)

9.75in. x 8.75in.  ±24.8cm. x 22.3cm. w/frame

Nefertiti has had a lasting perception of beauty that has lived on through centuries, crossing cultures and conflicts. This is a painting that gives prominence to that mix of humanity.  The features of Nefertiti, English formality, Flemish textiles set inside an original 19th century frame.

Tim Cantor - Like Child, Like Man

Like Child, Like Man

oil on panel . c2012.

uf. 30in. x 20in.  ±45.7cm. x 30.5cm.

"Like Child, Like Man portrays the artist's own awareness to his disorderly ways of thought.  Three red horses are the metaphor for three minds in one.  The leopard is the fight, the fight to keep them in order.  A man, a child, flank the painting with a decision of intellect.  Which is more wise; the mind of a child or the mind of an adult?   

Tim Cantor - Iolanta

Iolanta  op.69


c.2021 oil on panel

(bound with Italian carved frame (Venice), w/artist hand-painted motif)

12.75in. x 10.75in.  ±32.4cm. x 27.3cm. w/frame

Tim Cantor's unique take on the blind Princess Iolanta, from the Russian opera Iolanta by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.  

Tim Cantor - The Royal See

The Royal See

oil on panel . c2016.

uf. 18in. x 10in.  ±45.7cm. x 25.4cm.


First displayed in New York at Tim Cantor's Sweet Favour & Fiend Exhibition.  Now this painting is on exhibit in Amsterdam.  Its astounding detail makes it an intriguing work that holds a stare.  Its meaning; that is a mystery.      


Tim Cantor - Manon


oil on panel . c2017.

uf. 18in. x 18in.  ±45.7cm. x 45.7cm.

Tim Cantor's portrait of Manon is influenced by his remembrance of L'histoire de Manon, the ballet adaptation of this nineteenth century opera.  

Her hands are dear in this painting, telling the hardships and tragedies of her story. Yet the primary message from this painting is the profound affect that the production had on the artist.  


Tim Cantor - Ingénue



c.2017 oil on panel

(bound with Italian carved frame (Venice)

12.75in. x 10.75in.  ±32.4cm. x 27.3cm. w/frame

Ingénue was partly inspired by a sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The body; derived from a sculpture, had the pose of something relatable.  The head-dress and concealed crest was from imagination.  Tim Cantor tells a hidden scene in this painting.  One of an undefined infatuation, that one can sense their own through.  

Tim Cantor - Blue Fin

Blue Fin

oil on panel . c2012.

uf. 24in. x 18in.  ±45.7cm. x 61cm.

Blue Fin is the portrait of a historical Japanese figure.  From memory, this painting came after a venture to Kyoto.  Tim Cantor was motivated by the respect to aged culture, and how Japan holds dear to it.  His imagination mixed with the reality of his experience made for this intense work.  

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